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Let you or our actors be the attention grabber you need. Film yourself with your smartphone, and send us the video. We'll do the rest. You don't even need a greenscreen.

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Become an affiliate of Tweople today! Our low-cost, ready-made spokesperson messages are designed to speak for business websites of different types. Real Estate agents, lawyers, insurance, home based businesses, SEO, dentists, and many more are featured. And we're adding new ones every day. With your own unique affiliate links and banners you can be sharing in each sale from your customers.

Be A Tweople Affiliate: When you are approved to be a Tweople affiliate, you will get 20% of every sale from visitors you send to Tweople. With your dedicated affiliate link, banner ads, or a branded player (your choice), all your contacts and customers sent to Tweople will be tracked and credited as your customer (even if they come back to directly later)

Be A Tweople Studio: We are looking for studios in US Metro areas, Canada, U.K, South Africa, Brazil, and other International locations. Not only will Tweople customers that want to be the spokesperson for their own website be filmed in your studio, but you will have an opportunity to build a cast of local actors to add to our Premium Cast for all Tweople customers to choose from. This is a complete business plan that can have you profiting from your studio and local talent. At present there are no licensing or franchise fees but acceptance is reserved for those that we feel meet our high standards and reliability. Tweople customers come first.

Be A Tweople Actor: If you are in Central Florida and want to audition to be a member of our cast, send us your bio, headshots, and examples of your work. We will be happy to set up an audition. If you are not in Central Florida but have access to a studio with green screen and want to be considered for our cast we want to hear from you too.

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