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Let you or our actors be the attention grabber you need. Film yourself with your smartphone, and send us the video. We'll do the rest. You don't even need a greenscreen.

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1. Choose The Length Of Your Video

(Your Footage Or Ours)

2. Choose Your Footage Or Our Actors

If you send us your own footage, there is no additional cost. If you choose one of our actors, we add the actor cost to your project. If you get more than one made at the same time, you're still only charged once for the actor. Actor costs can be found on each actor's profile, or under their name while placing your project.

3. Add Video Elements

For only $100 per 30 seconds, you can have us also produce it as an HD video ad with motion text. Or we can use both motion graphics and text (4 each per 30 seconds) for only $150 per 30 seconds.

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Pricing FAQ's

Can I host it myself?

Absolutely! We offer the fastest and most reliable hosting for your spokespeople, but we understand if you want to host it on your own server. Our hosting includes the Digital Media Center for controlling your spokespeople without ever worrying about the embed code, and includes options for location-based and time-based targeting. The Digital Media Center software resides on our servers and isn't included if you host on your servers.

Is the player branded?

Nope! We don't want you to be stuck with our logo on the player. So our player has absolutely no branding or advertisements on it.

Is there a monthly fee for hosting?

If you choose to host it yourself, we'll help you set it up on your site and there are no fees. But if you want our ultra-fast hosting including our state of the art Digital Media Center, which has options for location-based targeting and time/date-based targeting, it's only $9.99 per month. The first month is free with no obligations. So give it a try. Want to show a special holiday message or info on a limited time special or different messages at different times of the day? The Digital Media Center is perfect for you!

Why do the actors have different prices?

The actor fees are based on popularity, notoriety, and demand. It allows us to offer you as many videos as you want for only $79 each. Now that's a deal!